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Research and Technology Transfer

Center for Urban Forest Research
USDA Forest Service The Center produces a wide variety of urban forestry research products, available to public managers, urban planners, city foresters, landscape designers, arborists, and other interested parties.

Forestry Index.net
A a directory of web based resources. Four different search methodologies allow the access of thousands of publications, web sites and internet resources associated with the conservation of rural and urban forests.

Southern Regional Extension Forestry
The goal of the Southern Regional Extension Forestry Office is to identify, prescribe, and implement a mix of education and technical services that increase the efficiency of forestry programs in the southern United States.

U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station
The USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station's mission is to create the science and technology needed to sustain and enhance southern forest ecosystems and the benefits they provide.

Urban Forestry South
USDA Forest Service's comprehensive on-line resource for urban forestry information in the southern region.

Woody Ornamentals
University of Florida, IFAS, an excellent web site that provides extensive technical information on the practice of arboriculture. Many topics on this site overlap with the work of urban foresters. This is the home site of Edward Gilman, assistant professor, Environmental Horticulture.

A Technical Guide to Urban and Community Forestry
The topics covered in this guide include: tree values, principles of tree growth, planning, tree selection, site preparation, planting and early care of trees, maintenance of established trees, handling trees affected by development, utility forestry, and the politics of municipal tree care. This guide is intended for use by citizens, government decision makers, land developers, and workers out on the streets.

Florida Insect Management Guide
University of Florida IFAS, a series of publications on insect management for urban trees, forests, pine plantations, and trees nurseries (On-line edition)

Urban Tree Pest Insects
University of Florida, IFAS, series of publications on major tree pests within urban areas.

Landscape Trees
University of Florida - University of Florida, IFAS, downloadable fact sheets on most tree species found in Florida.

Silvics of North America (Conifers and Hardwoods) - USDA Forest Service
The silvical characteristics of about 200 forest tree species and varieties are described. Most are native to the 50 United States and Puerto Rico, but a few are introduced and naturalized. Information on habitat, life history, and genetics is given for 15 genera, 63 species, and 20 varieties of conifers and for 58 genera, 128 species, and 6 varieties of hardwoods.



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