Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program

Creating wildlife habitat in your landscape is different than simply attracting them with feeders or flowers. By providing habitat you are giving wildlife a place to live; feeders and flowers simply attract animals that live elsewhere to visit you.

Habitat allows you to produce your own birds, butterflies and other critters. Without habitat in your yard, you are relying on someplace else to produce the wildlife that you wish to attract. These wildlife may not always be around if that someplace else becomes developed or altered.

Educational presentations and a display are available to groups and organizations upon request.


If you wish, you can certify your habitat (361KB pdf) through this program. The requirements are:

  • Food, water, and cover are provided for wildlife;
  • The area is a minimum of 10 square yards (approximately 12 feet by 12 feet);
  • 50% of the plant species in your habitat area are native to Florida.

When your yard is certified, you will receive an aluminum "habitat sign" and a certificate. We wish you well in your efforts to help Florida's wildlife. Your yard can have a big impact and it will bring you much enjoyment.

To receive the Wildlife Habitat Packet and subscribe to the "Creature Comforts" newsletter, complete the application (361KB pdf) and send $10 to:

Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program

UF/IFAS Hillsborough County Extension Service
5339 C. R. 579, Seffner, FL 33584