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Palm Management

Palm Nutrition Guide (928KB pdf)
Palms are among the most important ornamental plants in Florida landscapes. Palms suffer quickly and conspicuously from improper mineral nutrition, whether due to insufficient or incorrect fertilization. This University of Florida Extension publication by Florida's expert in palm nutrition, Dr. Timothy Broschat, will guide you through nutritional disorders common on palms in the landscape, production field, and container nursery. Fertilization recommendations for palms are provided.

Key to Common Landscape Palm Disorders and Diseases
A step by step key to diagnose palm disorders and diseases by Florida's expert in palm pathology, Dr. Monica Elliott and Dr. Timothy Broschat.

Queen Palm Disease (237KB pdf)
2005 - Dr. Monica Elliott

Fairfield Guide to Palms
This guide includes Fairchild's palm horticultural data, image library, and listings of living plants and DNA samples. These data are provided to support global efforts to conserve, study, and appreciate the diversity of palms.


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