Please note! Paspalum is not like any other turf currently grown in the state. You cannot treat it or maintain it in the same ways as other turf. In fact you may damage or kill it by treating it like other types of turf. Read the information below carefully.

Plug Spacing

12" or closer if the customer wants the turf to fill in more quickly. Once the plugs are installed, there is little apparent top growth for 10-14 days as the roots get established. Afterwards, the runners take off and the turf fills in fairly quickly. Complete coverage can be expected in 3-6 months depending on weather and temperature.


Dr Trenholm recommends a light (1/2# of nitrogen per 1000 square ft) application of an analysis like 15-2-15 or 15-5-15 about 10-14 days after plugs are installed. Unfortunately no one has any recommended fertilizer spreader settings yet. She also recommends a maintenance schedule of about 1/2# to 1# of nitrogen per 1000 square feet 3 times per year using 15-2-15 or 15-5-15. The fertility requirements of Paspalum are not as high as St Augustine or Bermuda. Fertilizers with higher nitrogen content could increase thatch.


How soon can a homeowner mow? The sod producer indicates that plugs and sod are well rooted in 2-3 weeks depending on the season. Fertilization and mowing can begin at that time.

Mowing Height

About 1 inch. Dr Trenholm warns not to let the turf grow too high before mowing because the turf it will shade itself out underneath and get thatchy.


It's important to remember that Paspalum is in same family as Bahia.  Atrazine, or weed & feed products containing atrazine, can severely damage or kill Paspalum. 2,4-D alone will also damage Paspalum. Although ‘Trimec Southern’ contains 2,4-D as one of it's active ingredients, it is one of the few residential post emergent herbicides that is compatible with Paspalum without harming it. It is unclear whether it is labeled for Paspalum. Unfortunately very few if any products are currently labeled for Paspalum. It is also unclear what other choices homeowners or even pest control companies have at this point. Dr Trenholm did mention that Surflan, Pre-M and Manage were pre-emergent products compatible with Paspalum. Whether they are labeled for such uses is unclear.

Pawl Boswell holds sea isle
Paul Boswell holds up a new tray of Sea Isle 1.

closer look at paspalum
A closer look.

established paspalum plugs
Established plugs beginning to spread

area cut for sod: filling in
An area already cut for sod and beginning to fill in.

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