Asian Cycad Scale - Other Factors

Some people are suggesting that the situation is hopeless and the only solution is to dig up all sagos and destroy them. This perception runs contrary to the facts. Asian cycad scale is more difficult to control than the typical scale because it has no natural enemies, can move on the wind and can live on the roots of plants. However, it is still just a scale and can be controlled in much the same way as other scale insects. It takes more effort, but it can be done.

sago removal
Photo by Doug Caldwell

For severe infestations, one option might be to remove all the fronds from the sago before beginning chemical application. This is not recommended as standard treatment - only on severe infestations. Removal of the fronds allows the chemical application to be more thorough as treatment of the fronds, both top and bottom can be eliminated and more attention focused on the trunk and roots.

bagging the fronds
Photo by Dave Palmer

At this point in time, the pest is everywhere in Florida. There is really no point in bagging the fronds and other clippings in plastic bags. That practice will not slow the pest down in any way. Simply set the clippings out with your other landscape debris.

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