Florida Irrigation Society Recommended Standards

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Sprinkler spacing shall not exceed 55 percent of sprinkler’s diameter of coverage.

Hydro Zoning

Vegetation shall be appropriately planted and irrigated to create oasis, drought tolerant or natural landscape beds. All landscape beds will be irrigated separately from turf areas.

Separate Sprays and Rotors

Sprays, rotors and low volume emitters shall have consistent application rates within each control valve circuit.

Matched Precipitation Rates

When using sprays or rotors, nozzle sizes shall match application rates within each zone.

Over Spray

All irrigation systems shall be designed to avoid runoff, low head drainage, over spray or other similar conditions where water flows onto or over adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, walks, roadways or structures.

Control Equipment

Irrigation control equipment shall include an automatic irrigation controller that has adequate programming flexibility to respond to the needs of the irrigation devices being used, including features such as repeat cycles and multiple program capabilities.

All automatic control systems shall be equipped with an automatic rain shut-off device as required by Section 373.62, Florida Statutes.

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