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Welcome to the Online Pesticide CEU Series. To insure that you receive your CEUs quickly and without problems, please read the following instructions.


  1. Select one CEU from the list below. Click the link to begin.
  2. Read the material provided thoroughly.
  3. Click on the link at the bottom of the CEU article to go to the quiz. (to refer back to the article while taking the quiz, Hold Ctrl + Click to open in a new window)
  4. Fill in the information request including your pesticide license number (ex: PV 12345) then answer the quiz questions and submit. 
    There are 3 questions placed randomly in the quiz that are for informational purposes to receive your CEUs. These questions will not count toward your final grade.
  5. We will email you a CEU credit form.

Available CEUs



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CEU Titles

Core 1 Pesticide Spills – Preparation, Prevention, and Clean Up (pdf)
Core 1 Proper Use and Handling of Glyphosate in Plant Nurseries (pdf)




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