Water-Wise Microirrigation Program

Watering restrictions are commonplace throughout Florida, but many homeowners still over-water. Over-watering does more than deplete the water supply; it also makes grass and plants prone to pests and diseases. The more you water plants the faster they grow and the more they need to be mowed and/or pruned. By operating an irrigation system correctly, you can reduce water bills and maintenance while ensuring the health of your landscape.

The Water-Wise Program is sponsored by a grant from the Hillsborough County Water Resource Services. Workshops are sponsored by the Hillsborough County Water Resource Services and the Tampa Water Department.


Water-Wise Workshops

Your lawn and landscape will benefit from this FREE program! The Water-Wise Workshop covers Florida-friendly landscaping principles, water conservation tips, and micro/drip-irrigation. Pre-registration is required. Hillsborough County attendees receive a free microirrigation starter kit (limit one per household).

*NOTE: If you live in a county other than Hillsborough County, you must pay $26 to receive the microirrigation starter kit when you attend the workshop.


Microirrigation Installation Videos

The Water-Wise Workshop offers attendees the choice of 3 different microirrigation kits. View the following instructional videos for assistance in installing these water saving products.

Note:  The use of brand names does not indicate an endorsement of a product by UF/IFAS Extension nor Hillsborough County Government.



Microirrigation Retrofit Workshops

Learn how to convert your existing sprinkler system to a more efficient, low-volume microirrigation system for your landscape plants. You and your landscape will benefit from this FREE program! Pre-registration is required.