Community and School Gardens



Our Community and School Garden Program offers information on various garden topics, including butterfly and vegetable gardening. Our goal is to help you create your own garden. We do not provide a labor force, but we provide valuable assistance in many other ways.

Site Visits - Through a site visit we can help you select the best location for your community or school garden. We can also look at your existing garden and recommend potential changes.

Grant Information - We have information on grant funding opportunities that may be available to get your garden started or add to it.

Resources - In addition to the links listed on this page, we can provide specific information and publications to address your garden's needs.

Keys to a Successful Garden

The keys to a successful shared garden include teamwork; a sunny location; a water source; soil preparation; right plant, right place; integrated pest management; maintenance; funding; and defined rules and responsibilities.

School gardens are beneficial because they encourage learning through interactive lessons, provide a sense of ownership, and enhance science and environmental knowledge.

Community Gardens are beneficial because they provide fresh food, promote exercise and nutrition, and revitalize neighborhoods. They are also great for those with limited yard space and allow fellow gardeners to connect with others.