Vermicomposting is the process of using worms and micro-organisms to produce rich compost from kitchen wastes.  One pound of worms will turn 65 pounds of garbage into garden compost in 110 days.

Just any worms, like those in your backyard, won’t do.  The worms you need are English redworms also called “red wigglers.”  These worms are commonly raised for fish bait and can be purchased locally.  You’ll need approximately 2 pounds of worms for each pound of garbage your household produces daily.

Food scraps of plant origin are the best diet for your worms.  These include vegetable and fruit trimmings, coffee grounds, pasta, bread, cereal, tea bags and paper products.

Your finished product, compost, can be used as a nutrient rich soil amendment or mulch.  A good potting mix can be made with ¼ part compost, ¼ part perlite, ¼ part peat and ¼ part builder’s sand.

To learn more about how to build and prepare your worm bin, where to purchase your worms, how to care for them, how to harvest compost and worms and the biology of your worms, attend a Compost Happens workshop. Pre-registration is required.

See the calendar for online registration.

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