Family Album Radio Podcasts

Family Album Radio is a daily radio program on family issues, designed to help families improve their lives. Each program provides a snapshot of some aspect of family life and has been created by University of Florida faculty.

What’s a podcast?

Podcasting is a way to receive and listen to audio files. Think of a podcast as an episode of a radio show. You can listen to these files on your computer, or load them on an MP3 player and take them with you. In this case, The Family Album, is the show. Listed below are the episodes.

Two ways to listen

How to Listen Now

In order to do this you need to be online and on the Podcast List page. Left click on the "Listen Now" link. Your default media player should open in a new window, and the audio should play automatically.

How to download

Downloading allows you to save a copy of the audio file to your computer. You can then listen whenever you want, or transfer it into an MP3 player. How you download the file will depend on the setup and settings of your computer. Typically, you will right click "Listen Now" link. A menu will appear, then click on "Save Target As…". You'll then be prompted for a location.


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