Family Relationships

Family Communication

The family, as an organization, is important to individuals and society as a whole because it’s where we learn to be productive adults. It’s from the family that we learn the difference between right and wrong, how to develop a work ethic, and how to communicate with others.

Today’s changing family structure should be viewed as a sign of strength and resiliency, and of the family’s ability to continue to serve as a primary social institution.

Family relationships, like all relationships need to be nurtured and tended to everyday. While most of us recognize that we need regular exercise to remain fit and healthy, what we often overlook is that we also need to "work out" daily at strengthening family relationships.

As a member of a family, ask yourself this question; “Ten years from now, what will I wish I would have done differently?” Focus your life around your answer!

Hillsborough County Residents may request educational parenting and family life programs for their organizations or places or work. Professional training workshops are available at your worksite on a variety of Balancing Work and Family Programs, professional development seminars and employee training workshops. Contact Diana Converse at (813) 744-5519 ext 140 or email to schedule a seminar or request an up-to-date list of program topics.

For information on family life programs, contact Diana Converse at (813) 744-5519 x 140 or