Child Development

A young child’s growth and development is full of incredible milestones and events. As a parent of a young child, you are at the beginning of a journey that you have the power to shape. Your child is depending on you to provide all the necessary ingredients for his or her healthy growth and development.

We have learned that certain characteristics are typical of certain ages, but these are only guides and not set rules. Each infant and child grows at his or her own rate. We can encourage children to develop and learn by providing a healthy and age-appropriate environment. By this we mean a stable home atmosphere; open and regular communication with adults; safe interesting play areas; fun play mates; adequate sleep; stimulating learning opportunities; nourishing food; and unconditional love and support.

A child can never truly be an adult if he was not first fully a child.

Hillsborough County Residents may request educational parenting and family life programs for their organizations or places or work. Professional training workshops are available at your worksite on a variety of Balancing Work and Family Programs, professional development seminars and employee training workshops. Contact Diana Converse at (813) 744-5519 ext 140 or email to schedule a seminar or request an up-to-date list of program topics.

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