Expanded Food & Nutrition Program

The 4-H EFNEP program works with young people, 5 to 18 years old, in groups taught by volunteer leaders. Trained Extension staff are prepared to train volunteers to work with the food and nutrition materials and the youth. Teaching resource materials and member project materials are available. Each project series has 8-10 lessons which require 30 minutes to one hour of group time for each lesson. Recognition materials are provided for each volunteer and youth who complete the series.

Project materials are age graded with activities appropriate for the development level of the youth. Project materials are designed to be experimental for the youth and allow for "learn by doing" experiences.

Together We Can Make it Happen

Hillsborough Extension Service will provide:

  • Training for volunteer leaders/group teachers.
  • Member books and handouts for each participant.
  • Additional personal development opportunities for youth at the county level.
  • Certificates for leaders and youth who complete a project

Your Agency will provide:

  • Adult(s) willing to teach the designated food and nutrition project series to a group of youth, 5 to 18 years old.
  • Space and time for youth group to meet on a regular basis (weekly or bi-weekly).
  • Support for youth knowing they are enrolled in the 4-H EFNEP program.
  • Enrollment and attendance records on youth participants.
  • Encouragement for youth to be involved in 4-H activities beyond their local group.
  • Commitment to complete a minimum of one Food and Nutrition Project Series