Hillsborough 4-H

How to Volunteer

There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Hillsborough County 4-H program.

Could I be a 4-H Volunteer?

  • Do you enjoy working with youth ages 5-18?
  • Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others?
  • Are you willing to offer your time?
  • Will you gain satisfaction of knowing that you will be a member of the largest youth organization in the world?

How Can I Share My Talents?

  • County, District, and State 4-H Events
  • Sponsor a county 4-H Club
  • Offer assistance with special events (Day Camps, Fair Displays, Fun Days)
  • Provide your expertise as a judge
  • Chaperone summer camps, etc.

How will I be contacted about volunteering for programs in the County?

  • As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to volunteer for specific individual programs or as a club volunteer. You will be placed on a contact list which will be distributed to the 4-H club leaders in the county. This will allow club leader to contact you about club events that you might be interested in helping with.
  • The 4-H office will also keep a contact list with all registered volunteers. These volunteers will be contacted regarding county wide programs.
  • To keep up-to-date with 4-H programs in the county, check the Hillsborough County 4-H website and "Hillsboruogh County 4-H Happenings" newsletter for events that you would be interested in volunteering for.

How Can I register to become a Hillsborough County 4-H Volunteer?

  • Contact one of our 4-H Agents on how to apply to become a 4-H volunteer.  The 4-H agent will provide you with detailed instructions on the application process.
  • Because the Florida Cooperative Extension Service and the Hillsborough County 4-H Program take seriously our obligation to provide a safe atmosphere for all persons involved in youth activities, the 4-H Agents will make an inquiry to the proper authorities to determine if an applicant has any history relating to crimes against any person or child abuse.
  • References will be checked.
  • Upon acceptance as a Hillsborough County 4-H volunteer, you will be given your appointment letter, 4-H Volunteer Card, and will be added to the e-mail list for "Hillsborough County 4-H Happenings" newsletter.