Embryology Project

How the Program Works:

An incubator may be checked out for a maximum of 1 month along with resource materials. There is a deposit fee of $200 that is required to ensure that incubators and materials are returned in good condition.

Teachers will need to secure their own eggs from limited county resources or through mail order.

Your kit includes:

(The complete kit needs to be returned)

  1. Embryology in the Classroom – Hatching – Beginner Grades 2-5
  2. Incubator: circulating air fan with a solid state thermostat control, Thermometer, automatic egg turner and tray liner
  3. Hatching with My "Peeps" Embryology Countdown Calendar
  4. Embryology Stages Poster
  5. 21 Day Plastic Eggs

Before your kit and workbooks are picked up, the deposit and enrollment information sheet need to be completed.

4-H Responsibilities:

  • Provide teacher with available a working incubator with instructions
  • Serve as a resource, as needed for the teacher

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Complete the registration form, leave a deposit, and complete a project evaluation
  • Pick up and return incubator – NO School mail or post system
  • Secure permission of school principal for project
  • Identify how chicks will be dispersing when they are grown
  • Clean the incubator when empty
  • Teach the curriculum

Student Responsibilities:

Through the guidance of the teacher, students will:

  • Understand the appropriate conditions for incubating and hatching the eggs.
  • Assist teacher in keeping food dish and water container filled
  • Learn about embryonic development and the uses for chickens and eggs
  • Handle eggs and chicks carefully and appropriately
  • ENJOY and LEARN!

LIMITED incubators are available – contact Brent Broaddus or call 744-5519 ext 54132 to schedule your class or afterschool program.


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